Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Electrostatics - One mark and two marks questions for practice

So far we were concentrating on 3 and five marks questions only. Now I think that concentrating on one and two marks questions will further increase the chance of scoring better.

It's true that just by concentrating on the three marks and five marks questions one can easily score greater than 60% marks. But it is not enough. When you CAN SCORE MORE why should you compromise for less?

Often the one and two marks questions are tricky and twisted. But, when the questions are tricky, there is a greater chance to score. All you need is to apply your commonsense (often complained that it is not so common!) and logical reasoning. The basic facts remain the same however the question maker twist them. So, believe that whatever question asked are based on what you have learnt. But beware!, whatever conclusions you draw must satisfy your commonsense as well as that of the examiner.

So, here are a collection of one mark and two marks questions from ELECTROSTATICS. The straight - forward questions are intentionally avoided.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

Physics Musings on Beer

Do you know there are a lot of Physics facts hidden behind a glass of beer.




Institute of Physics (UK) has launched a Christmas website based on beer, to help explain some of the more peculiar scientific phenomena hidden in a glass of beer.


The site explains many facts of Physics too based on the beer story.


It says that the bubbles are not rising but they are constantly falling in a g;ass of beer. Can't believe? Visit the site to know more.



Thursday, December 6, 2012

Prepare well for NEET now!

NEET is now compulsary for CBSE studemts who wish to join Engineering colleges.


Visit  for details

The following links will help you prepare for NEET well.

Buy NEET 2013: 10 Mock Tests Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany from

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Physics Forum from AskPhysics

AskPhysics announced a new Physics Forum for the students  and Teachers to discuss Physics interactively.


All are requested to join the site and participate in the discussions. Separate registration is required to participate.

Caribbean Internet Forum 2008 Photos

How to register?


There, on top of the site just below the header you can see the link to login or register.

Click on register.

Accept the registration agreement.

Fill in the details. Please take care to provide the correct email address. You will have to actiuvateyour account from the link sent to you by email.

Pass the human verification captcha test and click on register.

Check your email and click on the activation link. You are now a member of askphysicsforum

How to post a question?

Login first.

On the front page the active forums of the board are dispalyed. Click on the forum of your choice. Look for the link “post new topic” and click it. You can give a suitable title and post your questions or ideas.

How to discuss on a forum topic?

Click on the forum topic you qant to participate. Click on “reply” at the bottom of the post page. Post your reply and click “submit”

The posts and replies will be published only after approval from admin