Sunday, February 17, 2013

Quick Revision Study Materials for Class XII

Current Electricity
Electromagnetic Induction
AC Circuits


Ray Optics
Physical Optics

Atomic Physics
Nuclear Physics
Semiconductor Devices
Communication System


Physics Quick Revision study materials for Class XI (CBSE, EAMCET)

1. Units and Dimensions
2. Elements of Vectors
3. Kinematics
4. Dynamics
5. Collisions
6. Centre of Mass
7. Friction
8. Rotatory Motion
9. Gravitation
10. Simple Harmonic Motion
11. Elasticity
12. Surface Tension
13. Fluid Mechanics
14. Thermal Expansion of Materials
15. Thermodynamics
16. Transmission of Heat


Friday, February 15, 2013

Score well in PSA, the score will be counted for FA4 in both 9 and 10

Hello students,

The Problem Solving Assessment test is near. Prepare well to excel.

CBSE has announced that,
"the `Problem Solving Assessment’ will be counted towards FA-4 which is 10% of total assessments of Class IX. This assessment will also be carried forward towards the FA-4 in Class X. This score will be reflected in one Language (English or Hindi), Mathematics, Science and Social Science w.e.f the session 2012-2013 for Class IX and 2013 – 14 for Class X. The same score will be reflected in FA-4 for class IX and Class X."

PSA will comprise one question paper with following domains:
• Qualitative
• Quantitative
• Language conventions



Sunday, February 10, 2013

Take care of your health, Exams are near!

‘Sound mind in a sound body’; this is an old saying very relevant to students who are preparing for examination. Remember, you have put in one year of hard work for this ‘D’ day. The marks or grade you score in the examination is not just a jugglery of figures; it is a benchmark of your effort, your performance. I am telling all these not to frighten you, but only to advise you to take some simple steps so that you keep fit to effectively take on the examination and come out successfully.

Your physical fitness

Examination is the time when you are glued to your study table for several hours. Therefore, it is the time when you also lack physical exercises. The body requires some rejuvenation. The body cells need enough blood to function properly. So, take at least about one hour of your time for exercises. Go to the nearest park or playground or to your backyard garden. Play with your brother or sister or friend in the neighbor or at least take rigorous walk so that you sweat and in turn make the body relaxed and rejuvenated.
health exam

Your food

Keep a tab on your food; totally give up high calorie food and junk food. Instead, switch over to food containing enough protein like fruits, nuts, vegetable salad etc. Drink enough water but reduce on beverages like tea and coffee. Remember, the food you take must supply enough protein and nutrients to your body. If you want you can even consult your physician or dietician who will guide your suitably.
health exam

Your habits

You must have at least six hours of sound sleep. Some students are in the habit of reading during night. But according to physicians it is always advisable to sleep during night because with that the body gets maximum relaxation. If you have enough sleep you will not carry over the fatigue of the previous day and you feel fully relaxed.

Keep calm

Last minute preparation always makes you tensed. Therefore if you want to remain calm during the period of examination, the simple remedy is to start studying from the day one of your school or college days. You can also take the help of your teachers who would perhaps even provide with better tips on the method of preparing for various subjects. At the same time, you can also practice yoga and meditation. That would certainly provide you the much needed mental relaxation. Certainly your anxiety level will come down.
health exam

Take break

For example, after every two hours of study, take a short break of about 5 to 10 minutes. Just move out of your study table and walk in your back yard garden. Some students will not agree with this method. But according to educationists, this method of taking short breaks really does wonder. You will be able to retain what all you have studied during the last two hours.

If you follow these simple suggestions certainly you will be able to take your examination ‘head on’ and you will also come out with great success.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Previous Question Papers of NIOS Physics

NIOS April 2007NIOS April 2008NIOS April 2009NIOS April 2010NIOS April 2011NIOS April 2012
View 312 - Physics - April 2007(3.19 MB) PDF File Opens in a new windowView 312 - Physics - April 2008(335 KB) PDF File Opens in a new windowView 312 - Physics - April 2009(246 KB) PDF File Opens in a new windowView 312 - Physics - April 2010(164 KB) PDF File Opens in a new windowView 312 - Physics - April 2011PDF File Opens in a new windowView 312 - Physics - April 2012(175 KB) PDF File Opens in a new window


Easy to understand Physics Books for class XII and XII - Prepared for and by NIOS

Download these books and prepare well. The books are presented in a simpler manner and easy to understand.



Class 12 Physics - (AISSCE)Previous Question Papers with marking scheme

Class 12 Physics - (AISSCE) Previous Question Paper in Physics with marking scheme - 1

Class 12 Physics - (AISSCE) Previous Question Paper in Physics with marking scheme - 2

Class 12 Physics - (AISSCE) Previous Question Paper in Physics with marking scheme - 3

Class 12 Physics - (AISSCE) 2012 unsolved Question Paper in Physics 

CBSE Class 12 AISSCE Physics Question Paper 2010 unsolved Marking Scheme

CBSE Physics Sample Paper for Class 12 1

CBSE Physics Sample Paper for Class 12 2

CBSE Physics Sample Paper for Class 12 3

CBSE Physics Sample Paper for Class 12 4

CBSE Physics Sample Paper for Class 12 5

CBSE Physics Sample paper 2009

CBSE 12 Physics Unsolved question Paper 2011



Reference Books in Physics Suggested by CBSE for class XI and XII students

1.      Fundamentals of Physics

-         David Halliday, Robert Resnick, Jearl Walker

       Asian Books Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi


2.      Facets of Physics :  A conceptual Approach   

 West Publishing Company


3.      University Physic

-         H.D Young, M.W.Zemansky and F.W.Sears

       Narosa Pub. House


4.      Physics – Foundations and Frontiers

-         George Gamow and J.M.Clearland

       Tata Mcgraw Hill


5.      College Physics

-         R L Weber, K.V Manning, M.W.White & G.A Weygard

      Tata Mcgraw Hill


6.      College Physics

-         Reymond A.Sarvey and Jerry S.Fanghan

       Harcourt Brace & Co.


7.      Principles of Physics

                    - Raymond A.Serway & John W.Jewett, Jr.


8.      The Elements of Physics

                    I.S Grant & W.R. Phillips


9.      Physics can be fun

-         Y. Perelman, Mir Publishers


10. Advanced level Physics M.Nelkon & P.Parker

-         Arnold – Heinemann


11.  Success in Physics – Tom Duncan

                        John Murray Publications Ltd.


12.  Success in Electronics – Tom Duncan

-         John Murray Publications Ltd.


13.  Concepts of Physics – H.C.Verma

                        Bharti Bhawan Publishers


14.  3000 Solved Problems in Physics

                        Alvin Halpern

                        Schaum’s solved problem series

                        Tata Mcgraw Hill


15.  Mcgraw Hill’s Dictionary of Physics