Tuesday, April 22, 2014


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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Why the special tyres of air-crafts are made conducting?

Tyres are usually made of rubber which is an insulator. But the tyres of aircrafts are intentionally made conducting to avoid damages caused by electrostatic sparks. While travelling at high speeds, the body of the air craft gets charges die to friction. If the tyres are not made conducting, huge potential differences may develop and may produce dangerous sparks which can burn the entire plance if caught up with fire.

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Why don't the birds perching on high power electric lines do not get an electric shock?

Electric Eel Shock @ Rockit 06

What is an electric shock? It's a a sudden discharge of electricity through a part of the body.

For a sudden discharge of electricity, the prime need is a potential difference. When the bird perches on an electric line, it is at a high potential, but it is not subjected to a high potential difference between two parts of its body and hence it does not get a shock. The entire body is raised to the same potential as that of the electric line.

So, the electric potential difference is the VILLAIN.