Saturday, March 20, 2010

Exam2Home :: Service started

We are pleased to announce the commencement of Exam2Home - A portal for online preparation for the various examinations - both competitive and academic.

The registration to the site is free.

Exam2Home focuses  on providing instruction and training on all levels as well as prepare students for careers and professions that provide support and services for the well-being of individuals, family, or society. Within this purpose, we work towards our programs, aiming to provide programs that can help our students peak their performance to the best of their capabilities and reach the heights of their careers through determination and sheer focus along-side preparing them to be responsible members of the society. All of these programs are designed within the mission of the institution, through a commitment to academic excellence and personal excellence, so that they can excel in their chosen vocations.

The site membership is Free, however, the students will have to make a purchase to access core topics and tests as well as detailed analysis on all India level.

For more details, visit now Exam2Home.Com

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