Monday, June 28, 2010

Scope and Excitement of Physics

I have decided to write this short article because Many students asked me to give them an easy way to Write a note on the Scope and Excitement of Physics

Scope of Physics

Scope relates to the field of study in Physics. That is what all things are included in the study of Physics.

When discussing Physics, it would be better to ask what not is included. Physics discusses anything in the universe. Physics is the study of matter and energy with which the entire universe is made up of.

To Quote from the NCERT Text
"The scope of physics is truly vast. It covers a tremendous range of magnitude of physical quantities like length, mass, time, energy, etc. At one end, it studies phenomena at the very small scale of length (10-14 m or even less) involving electrons, protons, etc.; at the other end, it deals with astronomical phenomena at the scale of galaxies or even the entire universe whose extent is of the order of 1026 m. The two length scales differ by a factor of 1040 or even more. The range of time scales canbe obtained by dividing the length scales by the speed of light : 10–22 s to 1018 s. The range of masses goes from, say, 10–30 kg (mass of an electron) to 1055 kg (mass of known observable universe). Terrestrial phenomena lie somewhere in the middle of this range."

In Physics, we study from extremely small  to  extremely large. Physics discusses the beginning of the universe and the various phenomena occuring recurrently in the universe. Wherever there is matter and energy, there is Physics.

Excitement of Physics

The NCERT Book says,
"Physics is exciting in many ways. To some people the excitement comes from the elegance and universality of its basic theories, from the fact that a few basic concepts and laws can explain phenomena covering a large range of magnitude
of physical quantities. To some others, the challenge in carrying out imaginative new experiments to unlock the secrets of nature, to verify or refute theories, is thrilling. Applied physics is equally demanding. Application and exploitation of physical laws to make useful devices is the most interesting and exciting part and requires great ingenuity and persistence of effort."

Physics is exciting because

  • It trains us in problem solving

  • It helps us to have an analytical outlook

  • To observe rather than see things

  • Everything is explained on the basis of the cause effect relationship, which helps us think logically and decide rationally

  • Whether or not, a students of plus two continue to learn Physics, the basic problem solving skill he has acquired during the PlusTwo Physics course will remain with him and will be constantly helping him in all walks of life.

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