Friday, July 23, 2010

Educational Leadership linked to Student Achievement :: Study

A new study has claimed that good school leadership is critical to good education.
Researchers Kila vahlstrom and karen seashore Levy of the University of Minnesota College of Education and Human Development and Kenneth leithvood and Steven Anderson of the University of Toronto, have wide Implications for the understanding of how leadership affects learning across the United States.
"Leadership is important because it sets the conditions and the Expectations in the school that it will be excellent instruction and there will be a culture of ongoing learning for the Educators and for the students in the school," said vahlstrom. image
The report Learning of Leadership: investigating the links to improved student learning, found that student achievement is higher in schools where principal share leadership with teachers and the community.
After finding was that Districts where levels of student learning are high, district leaders are March probably to emphasize goals and initiatives that reach beyond minimum state Expectations for student performance.
There are a few Challenges, though, such as - Stark lack of district support for Principal 'professional development, lack of regular contact between most principal and their district office and away from comprehensive Approaches to education reform in most States.
"So leadership absolutely makes a difference. I can not say that strongly enough, good leadership is critical to good education," said vahlstrom.

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