Friday, August 20, 2010

Doubt from HC Verma’s Concepts of Physics Volume I

If any one can explain step wise calculation of Example no. 17 of Chapter 2 of concepts of Physics by H C Verma Vol. 1.
Thanks in advance


HC Verma Problem 2.17 solution

Solutions to the entire problems from concepts of Physics by HC Verma available at as well as


  1. Please find the solution here

  2. i am very thankful to that particular website plustwophysics for having the solutions of hc verma thanks a lot one suggestion please give some ways to improve physics

  3. guys iam also preparing for iit jee .best thing required is get up early.i bet that it will help a lot. thanks lol.

  4. I have doubt in hcv solutions given by this website..from hcv volume 1 part in
    Im the 8th chapter work power and energy in question 53.
    In the (a) bit why havent we took the formula as v square/r + mg instead of v square by r
    why is +mg missing in the formula for tension??

  5. does frequency depend on wavelength

  6. The situation matters... If light is travelling from one transparent medium to another, its speed and wavelength changes but the frequency remains unchanged.


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