Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Question from Rotational Dynamics

Dyana Asked:

A small rubber wheel is used to drive a large pottery wheel. The two wheels are mounted so that their circular edges touch. The small wheel has a radius of 3.5 cm and accelerates at the rate of 7.9 rad/s^2, and it is in contact with the pottery wheel (radius 23.0 cm) without slipping.
a)Calculate the angular acceleration of the pottery wheel
b)Calculate the time it takes the pottery wheel to reach its required speed  of  64 rpm

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  1. I found out that ...
    you can calculate the angular acceleration of the pottery wheel by using the no slip condition at the point of contact of the 2 wheels
    i.e., r1α1=r2α2, where α is the angular acceleration of either wheels
    i found that answer to come out to 1.2rad/s^2


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