Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The difference between electricity and electronics

Electricity is the branch of Physics (?) which deals with the flow of electrons and its effect. The electric bulb, electric iron etc are electric devices as they are based on the direct effects like heating effect of current.

Electronics is the branch of Physics (?) which deals with the control of the flow of electrons (by allowing or disallowing or regulating the percentage of flow) through a device.

The television, calculator, computer are all electronic devices. Evidently they are not limited to the direct effect of flow of electrons through a conductor or a resistor ar any other transducer.

Now, try to classify the following appliances into electric devices and electronic devices.

  1. transistor radio

  2. sodium vapour lamp

  3. ups

  4. television

  5. electromagnet

  6. geyser

  7. calling bell

  8. voting machine

  9. soldering iron

  10. quartz clock

  11. desoldering machine

  12. electric iron

Nowadays, many electric appliances are also fitted with some electronic component. Can you site some examples?

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