Friday, September 17, 2010

Cyclotron Animation

A cyclotron is device by which positively charged particle can be accelerated and the desired nuclear reaction can be brought about.


A positively charged particle can be accelerated to high energy with the help of an oscillating electric field, by making it cross the same electric field time and again with the use of a strong magnetic field.


It consists of two dees or D-shaped metal chambers D1 and D2. The dees are separated by a small distance. The two dees are perpendicular to their plane. P is the position where the ion source is placed.

The dees are maintained to a potential difference whose polarity alternates with the same frequency as the circular motion of the particles. The dees are closed in a steel box placed between the poles of a strong electromagnet. The magnetic field is perpendicular to the plane of the dees.

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