Monday, October 4, 2010

CBSE Class X Physics SA 1 Questions and Answers

        1. Suggest two reasons which make the large scale usage of nuclear energy prohibitive.
        2. Why are solar cookers  covered by a glass plate?
        3. What is the colour of insulation over the earth wire? Why is an earth wire connected to metallic part of appliances?
        4. What are the factors on which the resistance of a conductor  depends upon? Write a mathematical expression for the same.
        5. What is a solar panel? Mention any three of its applications.
        6. Write four characteristics of a good source of energy.
        7. Why is a series arrangement not used in domestic circuits?
        8. An electric iron has rating 750 W, 220 V; Calculate (i) Current passing through it, (ii) Its resistance when in use.
        9. Draw magnetic field lines around a bar magnet. List any two properties of the magnetic field lines.
        10. How can a piece of soft iron be transformed into an electromagnet? Draw a circuit diegram to show the same.
        11. (a) A 12 V battery is connected to the arrangement of resistors below. Calculate (i) the total effective resistance of the arrangement. (ii) The total current in the following circuit.

(b) State Ohm’s law. What constant can be obtained by calculating the slope of a VI graph?

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