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Entrance Exam for Sainik Schools : Get Help and Guidance Here


a. Written Test : The test will be held on Third Sunday of Feb every year. details are as follows: Class VI: i. Mathematical knowledge Test & Language Ability Test. ii. Intelligence Test. The test can be taken in English or Hindi or Malayalam.

Class IX: i. Mathematics & Science ii. English & Social Studies The test can be taken in English or Hindi or Malayalam except serial No. 2 English. However the question papers will be in English only. b. The syllabus and question pattern given are subject to changes from time to time. c. Interview & Medical Test: The boys who qualify in the written test will be required to appear at a later date before a selection Board for an Interview & Medical Test. Prospectus, Application form and Model question paper can he obtained from the Principal, Sainik School, Kazhakootam by post on payment of the prescribed cost mentioned below, by sending a crossed demand draft, payable at Trivandrum drawn in favour of Principal, Sainik school, Kazhakootam, Trivandrum.


1. The Medical Examination of candidates for admission to Sainik School will be carried out by a Medical Board

2. It is not possible to lay down precise standard for height, weight and chest measurements for these candidates. But the Medical Board will be guided in its assessment by the Physical standards laid down for candidates for admission to National Defence Academy. Height and to an extent weight are constitutional qualities which are largely governed by heredity. Therefore candidate whose parents are short statured and below normal weight may not eventually attain the minimum standard height and weight required for the Armed Forces. This point should therefore he borne in mind by the parent/guardians of such candidates before they seek admission for their children/wards. The important facts concerning health are given below: -

3. Visual Standards Distant Vision (uncorrected) Standard I 6/6 (Both eyes) Distant Vision Standard II Better eye worse eye 6/18 6/18 Correctable to 6/6 Correctable to 6/9 The minimum acceptable visual standard for admission to Sainik School will be Standard II Colour perception: CPI (MLT)

Note a. i. Myopia not to exceed minus 1.5 D including astigmatism

ii. Manifest Hypermetropia not to exceed plus 2.5 D sph including astigmatism

iii. Fundus & Media to he healthy with no changes of myopia

iv. Visual Fields-to be full in each eye.

v. Binocular vision and stereopsls must be good

b. The above will have to he certified by a State Employed Ophthalmologist in advance of boy’s arrival for admission.

c. There is no squint or morbid condition of the eye or of the lids, which is liable to a risk of aggravation or recurrence.

4. It will also he ensured that:

a. There is no evidence of weak constitution, malformations or obesity, there is no evidence of heart murmur.

b. There is no maldevelopment or impairment of function of the bone of joints.

c. There is no impediment of speech.

d. There is no malformation of the head, deformity from fracture or depression of the bones of the skull

e. There is no impaired hearing, discharge from or disease of either ear unhealed perforation of tympanic membranes or signs of acute or chronic suppurative otitis media or evidence of radical or modified radical mastoid operation. (Note: - A soundly healed perforation without any impairment of the drum and without impairment of the ring should not he a case of rejection)

f. There is no disease of nasopharynx.

g. There are no enlarged glands in the neck and other parts of the body and that thyroid gland is normal.

h. Knock-knee and flat foot are not eligible for admission.

i. Phimosis and caries teeth are not eligible for admission

N.B. Scars of operations for the removal of tuberculosis glands are not a cause for rejection provided there has been no active disease within the preceding 5 years and the chest is clinically and radiologically clear.

j. There is no disease of the throat, plate, tonsils or gums or disease or injury affecting the normal function of either mandibular joint.

k. There is no sign of functional or organic disease of the heart and blood vessels.

l. There is no evidence of pulmonary tuberculosis or previous history of this disease or any other chronic disease of the lungs

m. There is no evidence of any disease of the digestive system including any abnormality of the liver and spleen.

n. There is no hernia or tendency there to.

o. There is no hydryocele or definite varicocele or any other disease or defect of the genital organs.

N.B. A candidate who has been operated for hydryocele will be accepted if there are no abnormalities of the cord and testicle and there is no evidence of filariasis.

p. There is no fistula or fissure of the anus or evidence of haemorrhoids.

q. There is no disease of the Kidneys. Cases showing albuminuria or Glycosuria will not be accepted.

r. There is no disease of the skin, unless temporary or trivial. Scars which by their extent or position cause or are likely to cause disability or marked disfigurement are a cause for rejection.

s. There is no active latent, or congenital disease.

t. There is no history or evidence of mental disease. Candidates suffering from epilepsy incontinence of urine, or enuresis will not he accepted.

N.B. Remedial operations are to he performed prior to entry. No guarantee is given for ultimate acceptance and it should he clearly understood by the candidate that the decision whether an operation is desirable or necessary, is one to be made by his private medical adviser. The school will accept no liability regarding the result of operation or any expense incurred.

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