Monday, February 28, 2011

Be wise while selecting Five marks questions !

Some Guidelines For students appearing for class XII Physics Board Exams.

Answering 5 marks questions

CBSE gives two options for each five marks questions.

You have to be wise while selecting the question for answering. In some cases, one option will carry a "describe the principle construction and working" type and the other may be a combination of small questions.

If you know the answers to the small questions, it is better to choose it, since you will be scoring marks with less time consumption and the marks will be give point wise. It is easy to identify the key points for small questions.

Some general points to keep in mind.

Answer to the point. Avoid unnecessary descriptions and beating around the bush.

Donot repeat the same answer twice or more; you cannot fool the CBSE exam system by that

Draw diagrams neatly using a pencil and scale or other relevant geometrical instruments.

Draw a horizontal line after completing each answer.

Put the main question number within the margin and the subnumbers within the main area.

While solving numerical problems

  • Write the data given assigning them suitable symbols

  • Put a question mark against the data to be found

  • Write the standard equation connecting the knowns and unknowns

  • Rewrite the formula with the unknown quantity towards LHS and all other towards RHS and substitute the values in the same order as you have written in the formula.

  • The intermediate calculations, logarithms etc maynot be included in the main content area.

  • Write the answer with proper unit and double underline the final answer with proper unit.

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