Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CBSE Physics Classs XII Viva Voce - Tips to perform well

Viva Voce is one one of the important factor which decides your overall score in Physics Practical examination.

The external examiner is not knowing what you are really. Viva Voce is the only means to have a direct interaction with you. Therefore your performance in viva has a direct impact on the marks you get in the Practical exam.

Here are some tips for you to excell

  1. Understand the basics. The various experiments you are assigned are based on certain fundamental principles. Understanding these fundamentals are very important.

  2. Boost your confidence: Present yourself in a pleasing manner and answer the questions confidently

  3. Prepare a list of all questions which can be asked from each of the experiments you did at school and also thoroughly revise the related theory part from text book.

The following books will be of great help.

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