Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why CBSE Class X results 2011 are delayed?

Why cbse class x results 2011 are delayed?

This is the question many students, parents and teachers are asking.

To Quote from a CBSE Official:
"There are 10,61,566 candidates who registered for the exams this year, an increase of nearly 15% from 2010. To analyse the data of each candidate is a Herculean task as the CCE results are not as simple as the earlier board results. Now the students are being graded for their soft skills as well"

There are many factors causing the delay

  • This year, there are two kinds of evaluation, school based and the Board exam based. The data from many schools have not yet reached the Board Offices for processing. (As per CBSE officials)

  • T^he declaration of the results of various entrance exams are also taking part simultaneously and this has also affected the processing of results of class X by CBSE.

  • The standardization of results is a most important step before the results are announced. This can be done only after obtaining the complete data from all the schools.

  • The transfer of students from one school to another accompanying the transfer of their parents on Government duty is also impeding the finalization of results as the CCE documents have to be collected from different schools. There are cases where there were more than three transfers in last two years.

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