Sunday, June 19, 2011

A new Q&A forum for +2Physics is constructing a new interactive forum for students worldwide. The forum took inspiration from the sister project where the students and public asked questions via a form online which went to the email of a teacher and the teacher answered the questions and the question along with the answers were published on to Physics Forumthe site. The project was welcomed by the students and public well. But it posed the problem of large number of questions received daily and the inability to answer all of them. The question could be published only after getting an answer.

Now, with the New Physics Forum, the questions are directly posted to the site and the public can respond to it instantly after approval.

The forum is for all who have something to discuss in relation to Physics. Anyone can join and post question or post answers to questions already asked or add to the already existing answers.

Hope that this forum will give a better platform for all Physics lovers and students who have a lot of unanswered doubts. All questions and answers are closely monitored and screened before publishing on to the site. Spammers will be banned on detection.

The Physics Forum has just started and will be set up with added facilities soon.

SO, join now and start discussing Physics with the rest of the world.


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