Saturday, July 23, 2011

Electrostatics (I) Question Bank

Electrostatics I

(Based on Frictional electricity, , Conservation of charge, Quantization of charge, Coulomb's law and principle of superposition)

Very Short Answer type Questions (1 mark)

  1. What is frictional electricity?

  2. What is the cause of frictional electricity?

  3. What is electrostatics?

  4. Write two devices based on electrostatics.

  5. Why static electricity is called so?

  6. How did electricity get its name?

  7. Which are the two kinds of charges?

  8. State the principle of conservation of charge.

  9. State the principle of quantization of charge.

  10. What do you mean by additive nature of charges?

  11. State Coulomb's law of electrostatics.

  12. Define unit charge.

  13. Define relative permitivity of a medium.

  14. Define dielectric constant of a medium

  15. State the principle of superposition of electrostatic forces.

  16. Define linear density of charge

  17. Define surface density of charge

  18. What do you mean by annihilation of matter?

  19. Quarks are the building blocks of nucleons and possess fractional electronics charge. Does this discovery violate the principle of quantization of charge?

  20. Why the special tyres of aircrafts are made slightly conducting though ordinary tyres are insulators?

  21. Why vehicles carrying inflammable materials are earthed before transferring the fuels or other inflammable materials to or from the vehicle?

Short Answer type Questions (2 and 3 marks)

  1. State Coulomb's law of electrostatics and express it in vector form.

  2. Explain the origin of frictional electricity on the basis of atomic structure.

  3. Describe an experiment to show that there are two kinds of charges and that "like charges repel and unlike charges attract".

  4. Write the differences between mass and charge.

  5. Calculate the point between a proton and a helium nucleus kept 1 mm apart where a third proton will remain in equilibrium. Is the equilibrium stable or unstable?

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