Monday, July 25, 2011

Learn the Basics of Physics well for making Physics Easy

Physics is an Exciting subject! But many students score less in Physics. Many look at Physics (and some Physics teachers) with fear. This is actually caused by the faulty methods of learning Physics.

Learn the Basics of Physics well

The Beauty of Physics lies in the fact that there are only a few basic principles to understand and remember; mainly the conservation principles.  In learning Physics and excelling in Physics, one need more common sense than intelligence. Even without learning much by rot, those who have the fundamentals clear can arrive at better conclusions and can solve apparently hard nut problems with a systematic approach and application of the fundamental principles.

My request to all is to give more stress on learning things and trying to explain various phenomena and problems based on what you know.  Learning to learn is the thing to do before you actually learn. Whenever you learn a new thing, try to connect with what is already known to you.

To make your knowledge and understanding stronger, try to explain what you have understood to your friends. Then their counter questions will help you think more deeply and analyze facts critically. Critical Thinking is very important. In Physics, Questioning Every Answer is more important than answering every question.

Whenever you learn new facts and formula, try to solve as many related problems as possible. This will help to develop your Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS).

Every Board, especially CBSE is giving much importance to HOTS.

Have a doubts? It's natural. Doubts arise when you start thinking. It's necessary to ask your doubts when they arise. If you are shy to ask, you can use our sister website  Every genuine  question will be dealt seriously. (But not the simple HomeWork questions)

Some books recommended for Plus One and PlusTwo Students

This is a common question I mostly get. Please find below some question which I found useful.

  1. Fundamentals of Physics (Hallidey and Resnick)

  2. Conceptual Physics (Paul G Hewitt)

  3. Concepts of Physics (HC Verma)

  4. Irodov Problems in Physics

  5. Comprehensive Physics (Lekshmi Publications)

  6. Krishna's Objective Physics (Shobhana Sharma)

  7. Principles of Physics (SL Arora)

  8. Objective Physics (Sanjeev Gupta)

  9. Pradeep's Fundametal Physics

  10. Physics for You (Magazine from Mathematics Today Group - MTG Publications)

Wish you all the best in learning Physics.

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