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The word physics is derived from the Greek words ‘physikos’ meaning “natural” and “physis” meaning nature. So we can say that physics is the study of the natural universe dealing with the fundamental constituents of the universe, the forces they exert on one another and the results produced by these forces.

The dictionary definition of Physics is “the study of matter, energy and the interaction between them”

In Physics we study a wide range of physical phenomena spanning all length scales: from subatomic particles from which all ordinary matter is made to the behavior of the material universe.

Physics doesn’t deal with just theoretical concepts. It is applied in every sphere of human activity.

Physics is basically a problem solving discipline. It solves not only the problems – numerical and conceptual in Physics but solves many problems of our life also. Just look around the many facilities we are enjoying- the television, DVD, speakers, computer… Most of them are because of Physics. Think of it.

PHYSICS is a dynamic and exciting field of science. It is not just a collection of independent ideas, but is really an interconnected whole.

Out of the other branches of science, Physics is the most basic science; not just a part of the Physical Sciences. An understanding of Science begins with an understanding of Physics.

planet.jpg (516×387)“There is no field in Science that speaks more intimately than Physics, of man’s speculative inquiry into the natural world” – Frederick Seitz (Rockfeller University)

Physics can be enjoyable if it is understandable

Physics is a scientrific endeavour. It is a human activity in which new ideas are constantly being tried and in which scientific truth is never absolute.

Physics is the body of knowledge about nature that represents the collective efforts, findings, insights and wisdom of the human race. It is a human activity with the functions of discovering the orderliness of nature and finding the causes that govern this order.

Why students find Physics difficult?

Just have a look at the questions commonly discussed in Physics

How did the universe begin?

How will the universe change in coming days?

What keeps the sun shining?

……… And the list of questions is endless.

If these questions fascinate you, you will certainly like Physics.

Physics can be enjoyable if it is understandable

The main reason why students look upto physics with a sense of fear is mainly due to the fact that they fail to see the big picture. This in turn is due to the fact that they study Physics not as a whole but in small chunks and many cues to the puzzle are misplaced or forgotten. To appreciate the beauty a frequent look back is required to bring the pieces together.

The students in a hurry to score marks and to complete their task of preparing for exams, they fail to enjoy the beauty and flavor. To enjoy a gfame one must understand the rules governing the game.

Physics is all around us.

Physics deals with the laws governing the nature and to enjoy life and its various activities to its fullest we must know the laws and rules of nature as well as the nature of these laws.

And the interesting fact is that there are not too many laws.

Albert Einstein commented “The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility”. This really explains the beauty of the subject, just by using a hand ful of laws we can explain the very many complex phenomena of the universe. Isn’t it fascinating? If your answer is yes, then you will really like physics, if not love it.

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