Friday, November 25, 2011

CBSE Physics Published set of sure shot questions from AISSCE 2012

CBSE Physics ( published a set of must practice questions. It is claimed that anyone who practises answers to these questions well will be able to score more than 60% with ease. This can be considered as a bare minimum package as these questions are based on the minimum expected learning outcome from any student of class XII with Physics as one of the subjects.

Find below the direct link to the post

The solutions to the questions are not yet published but the site assures to publish the solutions too in due course. However, it would be a good practice to solve the questions yourselves and show the answers to your teachers for correction.

Solved questions emailed to PLUSTWOPHYSICS can be evaluated and the response can be sent. You can use the contact us page to upload your solutions. The solutions can be in word format or in scanned form after writing. If sending in scanned form you may have to send it one page at a time or all pages together in a zipped format. The answers will be evaluated as per CBSE’s guidelines followed during evaluation.

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  1. Geetha ParthasarathyMarch 6, 2012 at 9:16 PM

    My so found the physics paper rather lenghthy. The 2-3 Mark questions were tricky. So he doesnt know if they are right. Could anyone post solutions for code 55/1


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