Tuesday, February 7, 2012

PhysicsFans – A Website for Physics Lovers

We are happy to announce a new website – www.physicsfans.com dedicated for all those who love Physics.

It aims at bringing together the like minded, the people around who like Physics. There is no compulsion that the members be studying Physics; if you are fascinated by the wonders of Physics, you can join it.

The website will publish latest discoveries and inventions as well as the developments in the scientific world. www.PhysicsFans.com is expected to grow as an online place for getting the prime information for students and public as long as it is related to Physics in some way or the other.

The contents of the site are accessible without a membership. But if you want to get benefited from the Physics Online Community and want to publish your own blogs and participate in discussions you must be a member.

Social networking is also being enabled at the site for members so that they can interact online through messages and chat.

there are sections on

  1. Emerging Theories in Physics
  2. Latest Discoveries in Physics
  3. Physics News
  4. Physics Videos
  5. Physics Jokes
  6. Biographies of Great Physicists
  7. Book Review Section
  8. Polls

……………………….. and more.

The idea began with a group in Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/askphysics/, which was started as a group for all those who love Physics. The huge response received from the members of the group resulted in this website where the members will get greater freedom to express themselves freely as they can write at length, post images, videos, post to forums and more.

The site is developing some ground rules for members.

  1. Memberships are activated only after verification of identity.
  2. Members are prohibited from any kind of spamming or promotion of violence or pornography.
  3. The members must be active, by visiting the site quite often and participating in discussions and posting blogs etc. Members inactive for more that one month will be black listed and will be deleted if no response obtained on contacting/warning

If you like the concept and like Physics, you can join the move at http://www.physicsfans.com/user/register

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