Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why Physics Exams are always reported difficult every year?

It is commonly found that there are maximum complaints after the Physics Exam. What could be the reason?

The fact is that there are students scoring 100% even in this "reportedly toughest " question papers.

CBSE is also getting the questions prepared by Professors who are actively involved in text book preparations and with many years of experience. CBSE follow a standardized pattern for question papers too.

Even then after the Physics examination there is an uproar and requests are received from various parts regarding the faults and toughness of the question paper. The other subjects are not like this.

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  • Is this because the Physics is not taught the way it should be?

Many educational institutions are coming up every year. There is  a scarcity of teachers, especially in Physics. Some are taking the job just as a means to earn income. Many do not know and follow the pattern of CBSE but some how they manage to complete the portions.

In many schools, other refresher books are followed instead of the NCERT Text book. This creates lot of problems. The CBSE question paper is set based on the data given in NCERT Text book. If there is a confusion, what is given in NCERT text book will get weightage.

  • Or is it because the students are more after the competitive exams and they start capsulizing things without understanding the concepts?

Such students solve the numerical problems excellently but fail to solve understanding and skill based questions. The style of presentation is also very important.

Exams are killing me.

Now, it has become important to understand the concept and follow the textbook thoroughly to get admission to IITs and other courses as they have started counting the marks scored in  Exams too.

Or, are there some other problems which make Physics exam difficult year after year. Come on let's discuss.....


  1. U are losing the POINT!! It's JUST A "QUALIFYING EXAM" ,not for "SELECTION IN IITs"!! Even some of the Qs (I saw) given in IIT papers were easier!! It's NOT THE MATTER OF EVERY YEAR!!! SEE THE LAST YEAR,NO ONE COMPLAINED(n maybe if they did,they were one of those weak students which always complains) ,BUT THIS YEAR,70% OF THE STUDENTS FELT IT WAS NOT "THE PAPER FOR 12TH CLASS!!"(TOI) But you people won't understand the plight of students,who have to give IITs,AIEEEs next year and who weren't doing any coaching or foundation courses,just coz you are not in our place!!
    You are just giving an EXPERT VIEW as a teacher,n nothing else...

  2. There are complaints every year, See last years complaints received by us here.

    This served as a reference for teachers and examiners to argue for relaxation of marking scheme. This year also it happened.The problems raised by students were presented in the meeting for finalization of marking scheme by various teachers who attended.

  3. There is a scarcity of teachers, especially in Physics. Some are taking the job just as a means to earn income. Many do not know and follow the pattern of CBSE but some how they manage to complete the portions.......This kind generalisation is not at all good. I ahve been teaching since 2000, and students are scoring well. here the problem is regarding the setter of Q.Paper. Those who are from IITs and Engg.colleges dont understand the level of the students. They working for some publications to get the money. They should think about the level of the class-XII students. Many times the questions are coming from out of syllabus(NCERT) and you can see these questions directly from some private publications. This shows that these setters are looking into the publications not the NCERT text book while setting the questions. Please dont play with students future.

  4. Shouldn't there be a set standard in Physics for Class 12?
    There should be a minimum level of learning prescribed and it should be made sure that a student who passes 12 has acquired this minimum level of learning. Higher marks will be scored by more intelligent and hardworking ones.

    As far as "hard Work" is considered, mere working "hard" is not enough; the students must be trained to work smarter and present things neatly.

  5. [...] Why Physics Exams are always reported difficult every year?( [...]

  6. The question paper of plus two cbse physics was that of IAS standard. It was so tough that even the teachers who teaches this subject could not answer more than 50 percentage of the questions. This is cruel and the students who wrote this exam lost confidence so that they could not perform well in the rest of exams. It was shocking and the students are spending sleepless nights now waiting for the result.


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