Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Learning is like Enjoying Delicious Food

Yes! – I didn’t say eating food, I said enjoying!

How to eat food enjoying it? The cafeteria feeling starts with the aroma, the pleasant smell from the food which fills out mouth with water – yes, the mouth watering aroma. Enjoy the smell!

The dish presented neatly has a greater appeal and is more appetizing. Enjoy the shape and organization of the dish, Enjoy the beauty!

Now it’s time to taste. Don’t jump in to swallow everything in one bite. Take a small portion of the food, bring it near your nose, enjoy the smell once more and gently place it on your tongue (which already watering) and close your mouth and Enjoy the taste!

Now chew it slowly but thoroughly ensuring that you have chewed every portion of it and is now well mixed with saliva. This part is essential for proper digestion. Now you can swallow it easily without any pressure. This will go smoothly to your stomach and digest well and will help in easy assimilation! Repeat these steps with each bite. You will Enjoy a better living for sure!

Now, how to learn? Why I said learning is like Enjoying Food?

Before learning anything, it is essential that one should have an interest in it. Just like one is attracted to a dish by the smell and then by its shape and looks and way of presentation.

Quite often students are forced to learn what they didn’t intend. But, when you’ve joined a course, it is essential to complete it and come out with flying colours (especially when you have no other choice)

Find out all the good things about the subjects and topics you are learning, get motivated and create an interest in it. Teachers have a great role to play in this regard.

While learning, “take it in small bites and chew well.” Make sure that you know everything which you claim to have learnt.

When you are learning a lesson, the following procedure will help.

  • Have a look at the chapter heading and the subheadings and just try guessing what the chapter will be all about.
  • Read the lesson summary (Point to ponder – usually given at the end of the chapter)
  • Read the questions
  • Now start reading the chapter keeping the questions in mind
  • And remember – “Questioning Every Answer is more important than answering every question”


Wish you good look. Enjoy Learning!

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