Monday, June 18, 2012

Relative Nature of Motion

Now we know that motion is a relative term.So absolute motion has no meaning, right?
So aren’t Galileo’s view that earth moves around sun and the church’s old belief that sun moves around earth actually not equally correct or equally wrong?
this is a question from hc verma’s concept of physics part 1.(from short answer questions)

Deepali Gupta asked

Answer: The state of motion as well as the nature of motion is relative. When we speak about any of these without SAYING  any reference, we actually have some reference in mind.

When we say that earth is moving around the sun, it is true wrt sun. But, the actual nature of motion is unpredictable since the sun, the galaxy and all are in a state of motion. So, we can say about the nature of motion only with respect to some reference which is assumed to be at rest.

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