Saturday, July 14, 2012

Best Wishes for CBSE Compartment Exam

Hello students,

CBSE is conducting the compartment exam 2012 on 16 July.

We wish all the candidtaes the very best.

Please keep this in mind while you prepare for the exam.

  • Don't have any presumption that the compartment exam will be easier than the main exam

  • Attempt all questions

  • Ensure that you have attempted all parts of the same question (Even if you don't know it)

  • Attempt the questions whose answers are well known to you and later go on to the less known one.

  • Please make sure that you have written the correct question number.

  • Draw diagrams using instruments. (Free hand diagrams will not fetch good marks)

  • While attempting numericals, write data giving proper symbols first and then write formula. Then you may be able to solve the problem which you thought you may not be able to solve at all!

Once again


Central Board of Secondary Education

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