Sunday, October 7, 2012

Teacher Training Institutes and Colleges in India

Teaching is a sacred profession because it prepares the children to be the future rulers of India. Teacher inculcates in the children patriotism, adherence to rule of law, remain disciplined and everything that is required to be good citizens of the country. In fact our formed President Dr.Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan himself was a renowned teacher of Philosophy. As you know his birthday is celebrated as ‘teachers’ day’ throughout the country.

There was time when teachers were appointed just based on their educational qualification. However, in course of time, teaching became a profession and the government identified the need for training the teacher in their profession so that they would impart education to the students in a scientific manner. With this motto, several teacher training colleges and institutes were set up throughout the length and breadth of the country. An apex body for teaching namely the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) was also set up. The apex body was charged with the responsibility of conducting research in the teaching profession and to suggest methods to improve teaching. Under auspices of the NCERT five schools were set up in different parts of the country which actually served as the laboratory for the NCERT in its task of incorporating improved methods in teaching.

The teacher training colleges that were set up are regulated by the respective state governments. Respective state governments formed stringent laws to administer these colleges. Even private educational institutions were allowed to start the teacher training colleges. According to the norms of the government these private institutions are required to get the necessary accreditation or recognition from the respective state governments.  Those who aspire to take up teaching as their profession were required to complete their training courses in the teacher training college. These colleges train teachers to teach in various disciplines and also educate the teachers in the art of teaching including use of modern gadgets as teaching aids. The colleges train teachers to teach in various categories like for example training nursery school teachers, training high school teachers and they even train teachers to teach in colleges.

The criterion for admission to the teacher training college depends on various issues. For example those who wish to be primary school teacher should have completed 10+2 and those who want teach in high school should have completed their degree in the respective discipline. In addition to training the teachers the colleges have a responsibility to update the knowledge of the serving teachers in their respective area of specialization. It is for this purpose, the colleges also conduct seminars or refresher courses at regular intervals. The fee pattern for admission depends on the fee structure decided by the respective governments however some of the private colleges in addition to the fee also collect some amount as donation. However since the recent past some of the state governments are conducting competitive examination and the candidates aspiring to take up teaching profession are required to successfully complete the competitive examination which enables them to seek admission to teacher training colleges.

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