Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A lesson of life from Elasticity

What is elasticity?

When an external force (called the deforming force) is applied to bring about changes in the size or shape of a body, the body resists the change. A force is developed inside the body (called the restoring force) which tries to bring the body back to the original position. The property of a body by virtue of which it regains its original configuration on removal of deforming forces is called elasticity.

What is the cause of elasticity?

We can explain elasticity from the intermolecular forces. See the graphs below Light bulb showing the variation of potential energy with intermolecular distance and the other showing the variation of intermolecular force with intermolecular distance.


The graphs show that when the intermolecular distance is optimum, the forces are neither attractive nor repulsive – the molecules are in equilibrium. If the distances are forcefully decreased by employing an external agency, the intermolecular force becomes repulsive.

If the intermolecular distance is increased, the force becomes attractive.

What is the the lesson to learn from here?

The human relations last6 as long as the optimum distances are maintained!

When you try to intimidate your friends and relatives by unnecessarily trying to increase the intimacy against their wish, you are actually spoiling the relation. The more you try to become closer (crossing the limits), the stronger will be the repulsion.

If you go further away from the equilibrium (no attraction no repulsion situation), then they try to attract you back until you  break away.

When there are two close friends living far away, their relationships are maintained. If they decide to live together in the same apartment, you can see how fast they break away!

Learnt a lesson?

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