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Significance of Infinity

Significance of Infinity in Physics and Life
RKDas (MSc- Physics, Banaras Hindu University, India)




T2i - Infinity


The author is trying to prove the existence of infinity and infinite energy in the entire universe. By doing so, he raises some basic questions against the profoundly established concepts of prevalent physics.


Introduction to Infinity
In Sanskrit, infinity is termed as ananta, which is something without any limit or end. It is synonymous with Sanskrit term puurna, the full and complete. There is a phonetically similar term apeiron in Greek that stands for potentially unlimited or indefinite.
A specific beauty of the concept of puurna is such that ‘even if a puurna is subtracted or taken out of the puurna, the remainder is but an unreduced puurna itself (puurnasya puurnam aadaaya puurnam eva avashishyate).’ Following the same ideology, a practical statement may be made: the infinity is a one single entity, if there are many infinities, where is the room for placing more than one such infinity? Possibility of multiple infinities defies the basic requirements of infinity, which is not finite or limited.


Review of Zero and Infinity
Zero is a number. The zero, just as a number does exist in reality. It is such a small number or the smallest possible quantity that it is equal to nothing. Zero is an imaginary concept. In reality, ‘zero content’ does not exist; the zero is a no entity; the zero is without a true existence. There is no true zero. Zero is like a pure untruth.
Zero is a greatly useful tool for arithmetic operations. Zero is absolute nothingness, complete absence of something like absolute vacuum (even where field is not traceable, absolutely free from energy).
Absolute zero (-273 degree Celsius) or the temperature zero degree Kelvin is beyond ones reach; similarly the physical reality of a zero (containing nothing) is next to impossible. As zero exists in mathematics/ arithmetic, so there exists infinity because of pure mathematical reasons/ concepts; it is so because any number divided by zero becomes equal to infinity, provided that the numerator is not a zero.


Here, a pertinent question is: Is infinity an imaginary entity or a reality? Does infinity exist? Answer is, yes. How is it so? What is the proof?
Infinity adheres and comprises everything possible in it (infinity is one with everything that exists). Therefore, infinity is not just number.
1. Infinity as a perceivable mathematical number, does exist; any number divided by zero is infinity.
2. A part of infinity is a reality, for it exists, and thus there is a possibility of infinity. Even though the zero is not a reality, but infinity becomes a reality because of the existence as a fraction of infinity.
3. Anything that exists is a part of infinity; true inexistence is not a part of infinity.
4. If there is no infinity in reality, and if infinity is just an imagination, why is it used as a mathematical tool in calculus for reaching optimal results and other branches of science and philosophy?
5. As there cannot exist two or more infinities, therefore, there is a sure possibility of at least one infinity.
6. All the galaxies are receding away from each other and their speed is increasing with distance and time, if there is an end, they would stop at the boundary. As such there is no boundary, thus there is a possibility of infinity. Doppler red shift, indicates rapid expansion of the universe. All the galaxies are non-stationary in the infinite space and always in the state of movement.
7. It is important to note here that, the space is a space (comprising room) and it is not linear, it is curvilinear, therefore we do not know whether the galaxies are actually going away from each other or not. The concept of curved space suggests endlessness, when one reflects on the journey along the periphery of a circle, to predict the existence of infinite universes.
8. Concept of entropy is related to loss of unavailable energy and spontaneous tendency of a system to be in chaos and disorder (irreversibility). Entropy also leads us to think of ever expansion of the galaxies and universe, for there is an automatic tendency of any system to acquire a stable state by lowering its energy content or by acquiring the state of dynamic/static equilibrium. Hopefully the galaxies create cooler ambience by moving apart from each other, and hence more stable state. The very happening indicates endless expansion of universe or spreading in the space, which evidently supports the possibility of infinity.
9. Time, an integral part of infinity, has neither any beginning and nor any end, thus time itself is infinity incorporated.
10. Space and time become inseparable entities whenever the concept of movement comes into picture. Theoretically (rather mathematically), they are intimately connected to each other. In day to day life, as such we don’t notice that space and time are connected or dependent on each other. Singular existence of space without time is an impossible concept, therefore there arose the idea of spacetime continuum, introduced by Einstein. Virtually, they are one entity. Infinite time indicates existence of infinite space. Spacetime can not be absolutely bereft of fields and thus energy. Space and time, if they are inter-convertible (relativity theory supports the concept because of the evidence of length contraction and time dilation); because of the infinite-ness of time and space, there arises a sure possibility of infinite field and energy.
11. Because of infinite-ness of space and time, energy becomes infinity. As a result, we see that infinite energy exists and it is a reality. Only problem is that infinite energy is not localized anywhere but it is spread all over the infinite space and time. Space-time is all pervasive so is field and energy. There is no room or point where there is no space, no time, no field, and thus there is not any real entity with no energy, except any hypothetical entity. Energy is spread everywhere in the infinite universe. Therefore energy is also infinite by measure and it is omnipresent.
12. Infinity encompasses everything existent and something that is apparently inexistent, that is unperceivable by the sense organs, in general. Infinity is occupied by everything that exists, whatever subtle it be. Infinity pervades and overlaps everything. Anything taken out of infinity or added to infinity (within the limit), the sum total remains infinity. It is like the concept of logic gates and the operations like AND, OR; in which 0 & 1 resemble with high and low states, that define the functional operations of computing. In its operations, 1+1=1, 1-1=1, 0+1=1, 1+0=1, 0+0=0; Refer the basic theories of digital electronics.
13. There is no one particular center of infinity. Every point is a centre of infinity and from every point, one can see and feel the infinity. We do not know anything for sure about God but at least many things/ features/ aspects/ dimensions/ content/ properties, nature, etc. of infinity which are thinkable, tangible, experience-able, interpret-able, visible, imaginable (imagination is a creation of human/ animal mind, which being a part of a body resides in the enclosure of the infinity), (un)noticeable, … . The imagination I talk here, whose content has no real existence.
14. Infinity is wholesome, complete, full, endless, everlasting, eternal, limitless, etc. If there is infinite energy, the very system of infinite energy remains same/ unaltered in all situations (when totality is in picture) when any amount of energy is added to it, subtracted from it, multiplied with it or divided by any external/ internal agent. Thus, it is immaterial whether energy is created, destroyed or transformed. The total energy remains same, and that is, infinite energy.
15. Space and time already always exist everywhere, so is energy. Space and time can not be created but can be demarcated. A limited space can be created by shaping an object in a general empty space or by removing some objects from a place. The same technique is not applicable for time. But by using contraptions and by contriving some techniques, we can produce some energies of various nature.
16. Life is a beautiful and practical concept, whose secret is still unknown to us. Life comes from life. Life is transferred into a life to form a distinct life, which happens through the process of pregnancy, formation of an embryo, and ……. an infant. The life, in a tiny seed form, transforms into the source of many life forms, a collection of cells, be it an infant to a well built youth or a sapling to a big banyan tree. This is but growth, amplification or enlargement of life. Because of the transfer of life, original amount of life neither decreases nor increases. Using certain contraption and technology, as life is created from life, energy may be created, rather amplified – enlarged, without causing any problem to original input energy; this is possible only when we are considering about infinite energy, where addition or deletion of energy makes no difference to the infinity. This sort of view inspires and encourages me to think the possibility of perpetual motion (of subatomic particles to heavenly bodies) and about a perpetual source of energy.




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