Monday, January 27, 2014

How was your Practical Viva? Share your experience!

Hello Dear Students of Class XII.


The practical exams begun and most of you are attending the Viva Voce for the first time. Sharing your experience would be a nice idea. It will help your friends all over to have an idea about the nature of experience you had and prepare accordingly. Though every examiner is unique, there are some common factors and pattern. You can share your experience as comments to this post.


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An interview for television.


Note: -


Viva voce is a Latin phrase literally meaning "with living voice," but most often translated as "by word of mouth."




Why preparing for Viva is important?


Viva is a word of mouth confirmation of your abilities and knowledge. It is connected in association with practical examination at plus two level. Preparing well for the Viva will give the training for future Viva and interview which you will be giving later in your life. It is an opportunity for self examination too.


So, prepare well, sharpen your knowledge and excel in your Viva Voce!





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