Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Exams are near! Start Smart Preparation (Not just hard work!)

Exam are near. CBSE Exams starts from 1 March. The candidates need to be on toes to score well.
Smart work is better than hardwork. Just burning midnight oil alone won't work.
Nobody plans to fail, but fails to plan. A failure to plan well may result in ultimate failure. So planning the work based on your target is the essential step to start with. So, fix your targets depending upon your abilities.


As per the current trend, a student can get 100% score in any subject - even in languages and subjects under humanities.


Don't worry even if you were scoring low marks throughout the year. Start now!
Have a look at the syllabus and previous question papers. Understand the pattern of question paper. Make a plan to score the MAXIMUM. Take guidance from your teachers (or the experts in the field).
Make a time table as per the guidance and stick to the time table.




Work smart and score well.
All the best!




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