Thursday, July 1, 2010

Class XII Physics :: How to prepare well in advance?

Learn thoroughly the first time you learn a new concept.

Suppose, the topic Kirchhoff’s laws is taught in class. Revise the topic the same day yourselves. Keep a paper and pen while you revise and jot down whatever you feel important.

  • Please note that you cannot memorize derivations by reading. Write and practice the derivations.

Memorizing a derivation is like remembering the path to a new place. There is no need to learn each and every step by rot. Keep in mind the important milestones and curves. You should know where to begin, the important assumptions and considerations which make a twist in the process and the final conclusion. If you find a way like this for each derivation, you will find it easy to remember long derivations.

  • While you practice keep a note on the points requiring special attention.
  • Try to relate with your daily experiences and objects as an aid to memory.
  • Ask doubts. If you have some doubt try to clear it by asking the teacher. Nowadays there are many alternatives also. You can post your doubts at and get the answer delivered to your email inbox.
  • Use memory maps.
  • Try to recall and write the derivations and laws without referring to text.
  • Solve numerical problems related to the topic. Do not limit the number of numericals to 2 or 3. Solve as much as you can. For that you may buy a Numerical Problems in Physics book. Mark the difficult ones and ask your teacher for clarification and help.
  • Read in advance. Donot wait to read the textbook until it is taught in class. Anticipate the topic to be taught in class and read in advance.
  • Don’t use too many reference books. You can have maximum one textbook, one reference book and a numerical problems book. Keep an objective physics if you long for entrance exams.


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  1. I am preparing for class xii board exams and wanted to know if I should focus on ncert and u like book of sample papers or should I look at ncert and s l arora book as that has concepts like Hertz experiment in ems waves in much more detail.


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