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QUESTION BANK Class X Physics (Electricity)

Very short answer questions (1 mark)
1. Give the unit of (a) Charge (b) Current
2. Define current
3. Name the unit of (a) electrical resistance (b) resistivity
4. Define One Ohm
5. Define Resistivity
6. What is the resistance of a torch bulb rated at 2.5 V and 500 mA?
7. Two resistances of each 2 ohm are connected in parallel. Find their equalent resistance.
8. On what factors does the resistivity of a material depend?
9. Plot a graph between the Potential difference V and current I through a conductor
10. What happens to the resistance of the circuit if the current through it is doubled?

Short answer questions (2 marks)
1. Two wires of same material are having length L and 2L. Compare their resistance and resistivity.
2. Why are coils of electric toaster and electric iron made of an alloy rather then a pure metal?
3. Two wires are of same length and radius but one of them is copper and the other is of iron. Which will have more resistance? (Given the resistivity of copper = 1.62 x 10 -8 ohm meter and resistivity of iron = 10 x 10-8 ohm meter.
4. Define 1KWh. Give the relation between 1kwh and Joule.
5. State which has a higher resistance. A 50W or 25W lamp. Also find the ratio of their resistances.
6. A wire of resistance 5 Ohm is spent in the form of closed circle. What is the resistance between 2 points at the ends of any diameter of the circle?
7. Calculate the amount of charge that would flow in one hour through the element of an electric iron drawing a current of 0.4 amps.
8. A electric toaster of resistance 20 Ohm takes a current of 5A. Calculate the heat developed in 30 s.
9. A bulb is rated at 5V, 100mA. Calculate its (1) Power (2) Resistance
10. Name two special characteristics of a heater coil.

Short answer questions (3 marks)
1. Define resistance and resistivity. Give the relation between them. Explain the dependence of resistance on temperature.
2. With the help of neat circuit, derive the expression for the equalent resistance of 3 resistances connected in series.
3. With the help of neat circuit, derive the expression for the equivalent resistance of 3 resistances connected in parallel
4. (a ) Draw the circuit consisting of a battery of five 2V cells, 5ohm resistor, 10 ohm resistor, 15 ohm resistor and a plug key. All connected in series (b) Calculate the current passing through the above circuit when key is closed.
5. Two identical resistors each of resistance 2 Ohm are connected in turn (1) in series (2) in parallel to a battery of 12 V. Calculate the ratio of power consumed in two cases.
6. A piece of wire is redrawn by pulling it until its length is tripled. Compare the new resistance with the original value.
7. An electric kettle is rated 500W, 200V. IT is used to heat 400 gm of water for 30 secs. Assuming the voltage to be 220V calculate the rise in temperature of water. Specific heat capacity of water is 4200 J/Kg ºC.
8. In an experiment the current flowing through a resistor and potential difference across it are measured. The values are given below. Show that these values confirm Ohm’s Law and also find the resistance of the resistor.
I (ampere) I(ampere) 1.0 1.0 2 1.5 2.0 2.0 2.5 2.5 3.0 3.0
V (volt) V(volt) 4.0 4.0 6.0 6.0 8.0 8.0 10.0 10.0 12.0 12.0

9. A heater draws 1100 W at 220V. (a) Find the resistance of the heater (b) Calculate the energy in KWh consumed in a week if the heater is used daily for 4 hours.

Long Answer questions (5 marks)
1. State Ohms law with a neat circuit. Explain how this law can be verified and also plot the expected v-I graph.
2. (a) Differentiate resistance and resistivity
(b) the ratio of resistivities of two materials a and b is 1:2, ratio of their length is 3:4 and if the ratio of radii is 2:3 find the ratio of resistance of a and b.


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