Monday, May 7, 2012

Have you joined PhysicsFans - The website for Physics Enthusiasts

PhysicsFans is a website for Physics Enthusiasts worldwide.

We invite you to explore the exciting world of Physics alongwith PhysicsFans.

See what Physicsfans says about it?

Physics Fans - A Website for Physics Lovers is in the beginning and looking for prospective bloggers who would like to join the site to spread the flavor of Physics.

Anyone who likes Physics can join!

Our MissionAs hinted earlier, our mission is to spread the flavor of Physics.

Physics is such a beautiful subject which you will fall in love with once you begin understanding the fundamentals. We take this as a place where,

  • Latest developments in Physics all over the world are discussed

  • The works and life of famous physicists are published

  • Amateur Physicists can post their findings and musings to the public

  • Physics Links (Links to Worthy Physics Websites) are shared

  •  Other than this, we also look forward for Physics related jokes, fictions and the related stuff.

  • The glad fact is that we are on unlimited hosting and we can afford to accept best quality images and videos too.

Want to join?

Students, Teachers, Amateur Physicists all are welcome!

Join Now!

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