Sunday, May 13, 2012

Zurker Rocks - A Social Network of the members and by the members

Be the owner of a fast growing Social Nertwork. Join, invite friends and own

We found Zurker a worthy Social Networking site with huge potential. I invite you too to join and enjoy. One of the great things about Zurker is that you can own a stake in it.

You can Invite your friends to Zurker after joining! Not only will your experience be more enjoyable, but you will be rewarded in the form of vShares. (vShares are a stake in Zurker. Specifically, vShares are units of equity in the Zurker Project allocated to members during alpha and beta testing. While vShares are a form of ownership, vShares shouldn't be confused with shares or stock, as Zurker isn't a public company yet. vShares can be thought of as agreements between the owners of a startup about the size of their stake in the enterprise to be incorporated. Such agreements are common amongst founding investors whenever a business is launched; however, with hundreds of thousands of investors owning vShares in Zurker, the number of owners is larger than usual.)

Zurker vShares become more and more valuable as the number of people using Zurker increases. The more people you refer, the more vShares you own, the more valuable those vShares become, and the more fun using Zurker becomes for you. It's a win-win-win!

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