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Download Social Science Study materials for Class X CBSE

CBSE Class X Social Science Study materials.

Social Science for Class X

1. Who followed the policy of Golden Mean?a. Matternich b. Mazzini  c. Louis Philippe d. Duke of Orleans

2. Napoleonic Code was introduced in the year ofa.1809 b.1807b.1805 d.1804

3. What was Helairia Philike ?a. A Secret Society b. A Political Partyc. A custom Union d. An  Allegori

4. Who founded the revolutionary militia ‗Red Shirt‘?a. Wilson b. Tsar Alexander IIc. Garibaldi d. Matternich

5. Who was Frederick Sorrieu?a. A Revolutionary b. Chancellor of Austriac. King of Frame d. French Artist

6. Vienna Congress was convened in 1815 for what purpose?a. To declare completion of German Unification.b. To restore conservative regime in Europe.c. To declare war against France.d. To start the process of Italian unification.

7. Which year was known as the year of dear bread?a. 1830 b. 1848 c. 1789 d. 1815

8. Name the state which led the process of Italian unification?a. Rome b. Prussiac. Sardinia Piedmont d. Vienna

9. Who said Cavour, Mazzini, Garibaldi: three her brain, her soul, her sword ?a. Victor Emmannual b. George Meredithc. Louis XVIII d. Guizot

10. Zollverein was aa. Diplomatic institution b. Custom unionc. Administrative union d. Trade union

11. Who followed the policy of Blood and Iron for national unification?a. Garibaldi b. Otto Von Bismarkc. Mazzini d. Matternich

12. United Kingdom of Great Britain came into existence in the year -a. 1789 b. 17984 | P a g ec. 1707 d. 1801

13. Who said that, Italy was merely a geographical expression?a. Cavour b. Napoleonc. Matternich d. Guizot

14. Which one was not included in the Balkan Region?a. Croatia b. Bosnia Harzegovinac. Serbia d. Spain

15. In which century nationalism emerged in Europea. 16thcentury b. 20thcenturyc. 19thcentury d. 17thcentury

16. Who was the king of France at the time of French Revolution?a. Marie Antoniate b.  Louis XVIc. Czar   Nicolas d.  Edward  II



1. c

2. d

3. a

4. c

5.  d

6. b

7. b

8. c

9. b


11. b

12. c

13. c

14.  d

15.  c

16. b

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